September 14, 2017

September 14, 2017

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January 11, 2018

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5 Keys to New Years Resolution Success

December 31, 2017


2018 has started, it’s here, now how about those resolutions?
Youou want to make the most of the year, you want to nail those goals you have but…how?
How do you start?

How do you ensure success?

Are resolutions even worth setting?

Well for the last question   

YES!!! They are completely worth setting!!


For the other two, not to fear, we have explored the internet far and wide and have found the 5 keys for resolution success (and also general everyday success awesomeness.)

1 - Make a Plan
How else do you expect to get the most out of this year or out of your goals if you don’t make a plan.
“Fail to plan, plan to fail” as the saying goes.
To make a plan, first step is to set your end point/your goal you want to achieve.
To set a goal make sure it is realistic and achievable, but still enough to give you a wee challenge

The second step is working out, what steps you need/and are going to take to make this happen.



2 - Set Milestones

Think baby steps; Setting milestones makes the pathway to success more possible.
Having milestones is a proven method for success, a known to be an effective progress measuring tool and it helps you to keep perspective of the end goal without it feeling like it is too far away.



3 - Reward Yourself

Not just at the end, for hitting your milestones too!
Having a pat on the back for doing a good job always boosts confidence and makes you push harder, rewards can be anything, from little things like buying yourself a special meal, a beauty treatment or maybe something a bit bigger even having a day off!
So it only makes sense to apply this to achieving your goals and resolutions! (who doesn't want more rewards?)



4 - Hold Yourself Accountable

By far one of the hardest parts to goal and resolution success, holding yourself accountable doesn’t mean punishing yourself if you slip up on your eating plan or if you spend a touch of your savings.
Holding yourself accountable is ensuring you stay committed to your goals and getting yourself back on track if you do slip up.
Ways to help hold yourself accountable is make an announcement, get a goal buddy, write it down or write a daily note to yourself (or on social media) keeping everyone in the loop on your progress!

Just remember accountability isn't about putting yourself down or beating yourself up if you slip, it is about supporting yourself to get back on track and staying there as best you can.



5 - Take Action

Last but completely is the most important step into ensuring your success with your goals and resolutions. Take Action.

Literally, you can do everything else that has been said above, but if you don’t take action; nothing will happen. 
So make it happen.



To achieve your goals and succeed with your resolutions this year, the keys are
1- Make a plan; not only what the goal/resolution is but how you’re going to achieve it.
2- Set milestones; to give yourself the most effective progress measuring tool in existence.
3- Rewards yourself; not just at the end of this journey but at your milestones too!
4- Hold yourself accountable; don’t beat yourself up, pick yourself up and keep going.
5-Take action; just start doing it.


Good luck with the new year and chuck in the comments what your resolutions are!
We can't wait to see what you (and what we) achieve this year!
Bring on 2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Remember Life's Better, Naturally



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