A few years ago I endured a personal experience with health and physical ailments that severely affected my day-to-day life and in turn, affected my overall fitness, and general and mental health.

During this time I went through many treatments that did not work, that often left me feeling worse than before we had started or that purely left me completely exhausted and in constant pain, that all I could do was sleep.
During this time I could also see the effects these treatments and medications were having on my body; I had put on weight from lack of movement, my skin was looking drained and washed out, and my eyes and hair lost all life in them...

Finding something that worked and supported my body became paramount.


One day, I found products that worked for my condition and that worked for me in general (that didn't make me feel worse or leave me feeling tired.) 
After making a full recovery I became passionate to help others reclaim their life from their health and physical ailments, not just during times of ailment but on a daily basis to help people support themselves to better their health and fitness.  

So ICF Total Fitness was born.


Since then I haven't looked back, only forward and have become dedicated to finding better ways for supporting a balanced fitness and health lifestyle
Dedicated to supporting and helping your body to heal effectively, and with long-term results, is the life force behind everything here.

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Our mission is to imrove your lifestyle through fitness and health.

We are here to give you the confidence and comfort in knowing our products are working in alignment with your body and your training to better your results, performance and overall health.

We promote better practices for a balanced fitness and health lifestyle through proven natural products that align with your goals, support your body and make life better, naturally.​


Our goal is to improve the world of fitness and health with natural products that enhance our natural self.

Committed to this goal we ensure the highest quality product available, and continue to keep up with the market to ensure we stay true to our goal.

Making health
your way of life

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